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Dog walking jobs

Looking for a part-time job in your area? How would you like to get paid to walk dogs?

Dog walking jobs available – various hours

  • Various positions available ranging from 5 to 15 hours per week
  • Walks are during the day (most walks at lunchtime)
  • Monday to Friday hours
  • Permanent jobs only (no temporary or holiday jobs)
  • Walking 2-3 dogs at a time (no pack walks)
  • Pay from £8.21 to £12.00 per hour (depending on number of dogs walked)

We welcome job applications from everyone, but most dog walks are carried out during the day and may be suitable for:

  • Parents with children at nursery or school
  • Semi-retired or retired people
  • People who work another part-time job
  • Someone who works from home and wants some fresh air at lunchtime
  • Someone who has their own business and wants to get out of the house for a few hours in the day

Main duties

  • Pick up and drop off dogs from their homes whilst ensuring the security of customers’ homes
  • Transport dogs safely to and from their walks and homes in your own vehicle
  • Understand special requests and specific conditions for each dog
  • Walk dogs outdoors in all weather conditions (anywhere from twenty to sixty minutes at a time)
  • Give each dog love and attention
  • Ensure each dog is getting plenty of exercise and a toilet break
  • Ensure the safety of the dogs you are walking and anyone else around them
  • Remove pet waste
  • Take photos of the dogs (so human clients can see how they are doing) and update customers regularly
  • Give fresh water, wipe paws and towel wet dogs down
  • Communicate with clients, including arranging visits with new customers (following initial customer visit by the Manager) or attend customer visits with their Manager
  • Ensure schedules are up to date each week

The essentials – we are looking for people who are willing to…

  • Walk for a few hours a day – you’ll be clocking up the steps on your Fitbit or pedometer!
  • Submit for a police and reference check
  • Look after dogs as if they are a member of the family
  • Complete our online pet first aid course
  • Carry out some shadow walks before taking the job
  • Undergo training as required
  • Have a reliable car (insurance, tax and MOT)
  • Knowledge of the area (or reliable sat nav)
  • Happy to drive around the area collecting and returning dogs
  • Have a reliable mobile phone and internet access

Day in the life of a dog walker

  • Collect two doggie friends, usually from different homes (most dogs are paired with a play pal but we don’t do pack walking)
  • Drive them to the local park for playtime, exercise, sniffing time and a few treats
  • Drop the dogs back, check them over and towel down if wet
  • Give the dogs some fresh water and leave a nice note for the owner
  • You’ll carry this out a few times during the day

What is being a dog walker like?

Click here to read about Anabelle from our Marlborough branch and how much she loves her job as a dog walker!

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